Inspire Children Through The Sport Of Fishing And Environmental Education

501(c)(3) Registration Number: CH51772

Goals and Purpose

Offer education elements such as fish identification, casting and knot tying

Provide a meaningful and enjoyable fishing opportunity

Promote fishing as an alternative leisure activity

Introduce children who may otherwise not get the opportunity to the sport of fishing and the enjoyment of the outdoors

Empower disadvantaged youth for positive self-growth

Encourage outdoor recreation as a therapeutic outlet

Support positive social interactions with society

Develop skills that provide a lifelong hobby

How can I get involved with Reel Fishing Charities?

Help with fundraising for a RFC event

Join the RFC team and volunteer to help educate the youth of today on all things fishing and environmental protection

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Reel Fishing Charities Was Created To Enrich The Lives Of Its Participants And Create Memories That Last A Lifetime

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